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Wallpaper murals are a perfect showpiece for any style of room or space

Wallpapers murals are the new must-have showstopper within the interior design world. Not only are they the perfect showpiece in any room or space, they can play an integral role setting the style of a room alongside soft furnishings and furniture.

When looking for certain styles, your vocabulary list will need to be infused with designer terminology. Words such as Modern, Industrial, Shabby Chic, are all words that many of us have no idea about. A great starting point for getting into the styles is by finding out what each of these major styles are and how they differ from one to the next.

Bohemian Wallpaper Murals

A bohemian style is another super popular home design. This design reflects a free-going and flow-styled design that really says anything goes. With a bohemian design, you can have spots, patterns, all kinds of colours and anything else that might bring your room to life, and the only rules are those that you set for yourself. This style can also incorporate a glammed up chandelier paired with a mid-century, worn-looking chair. As long as you love it, the Bohemian theme will too.
Featured bohemian wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Contemporary Wallpaper Murals

Although usually compared together, Contemporary designs (and modern designs) are two quite different styles and designs. Contemporary is a design based on the current trends and not something in the future. Contemporary also has a little bit more fluidity as it can represent the current trends, and be adapted upon whenever needed. These designs include curved lines and other features that modern designs wouldn’t have.
Featured contemporary wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

French Country Wallpaper Murals

French Country themes are usually depicted from their indicative colours. These include warm earthy colours such as light greens, light blues, oranges and other warm colours. You may also find a few soft tones of gold, red, and or yellow when looking into the French Country style. You may also find ornate dishes made from porcelain and strange bed coverings. All of these aspects will wind you up with a French Country style.
Featured French Country wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Hamptons Coastal Wallpaper Murals

The Coastal style that is also known as the Hamptons style, comes from the iconic and well loved US beachside. The most notable features of a coastal design are light, and airy colourful patterns with neutral shades. This often comes with blues and greens naturally. Other aspects would include materials such as wood or sand-themed, keeping the coastal vibe alive.
Featured Hamptons coastal wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Hollywood Glam Wallpaper Murals

Hollywood Regency, or otherwise known as Hollywood glam is a style that usually refers to being over the top, opulent and very well-off. This design is often referred to as bold, and is ideal for someone who wants to make a statement in the world. This design can showcase older Victorian designs, but usually holds purples, reds, and oranges to the table.
Featured Hollwood glam wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Industrial Wallpaper Murals

An industrial style takes its inspiration from a warehouse or loft-style room. There is usually an unfinished part of an industrial design that keeps it from becoming more of a modern design. In industrial designs, you will expect to see bits of exposed material such as bricks and wood. These designs are usually quite good for small buildings that need a sense of scale for the room. The colour palette is usually a little darker than usual too.
Featured industrial wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Minimalist Wallpaper Murals

A Minimalist concept is very simple to the style of a modern design. As we’ve already covered, modern is a simplistic, but smooth design. A minimalist approached design is similar, but simplified onto a whole other level. This would include features such as colour palettes that are completely neutral and nothing that stands out or is otherwise flamboyant. Minimalist concepts are usually ones with minimal lines, functionality, and if there are lines, ultra-smooth ones at best.

Featured minimalist wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Modern Wallpaper Murals

Modern art is one of the main types of artwork these days, and along with its simplistic and elegant designs, also offers a deeper meaning to each brushstroke made on the canvas. If you want something that’s easy on the eyes yet a good talking point, take a look at some of the most modern wallpaper murals in the game, and our collection ranges from the most well-detailed and simplistic modern wallpaper murals.
Featured modern wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Retro Wallpaper Murals

A retro, or mid-century modern design is a design that is often looked at as an ‘older’ design. Usually, the retro comes from the mid-1900s, but more specifically the 1960s. These designs usually featured fuss-free and natural shapes and patterns that would show off functionality all the time. These retro designs also featured vibrant colour, and seamless transitions from the interior, to the exterior and vice versa.
Featured retro wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Rustic Wallpaper Murals

A rustic design is one that is often talked about, and is inspired from natural, raw, and most commonly unfinished wood and stone designs. Usually, rustic designs bring in the outdoors with warmth and small architectural details that will show off a rustic-design. These designs are more sought after these days, but will take you back a little bit.
Featured rustic wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Scandinavian Wallpaper Murals

A true Scandinavian design would usually show the simplicity of life as we see in many modern Nordic countries. We all know some Nordic furniture brands that often feel like a work of art, but relay a simple, yet effective design style. Most common characteristics of a Scandinavian design would be features such as all-white colour palettes, natural elements such as form-pressed wood, plastics and even aluminium. Scandinavian designs also usually feature bigger, and more natural designs all around.
Featured Scaninavian wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Shabby Chic Wallpaper Murals

This next style, Shabby Chic is a vintage-inspired theme, but is usually a little more feminine, delicate, and soft-going. Shabby Chic is usually finished in an antique-style, and colours can vary from creams and whites, to light-themed pastels that give the overall design a feminine vibe.
Featured shabby chic wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Traditional Wallpaper Murals

A traditional design style offers, you guessed it – a traditional look. These designs usually feature an abundance of small accessories, featuring dark wood, and rich colour palettes with small details such as curved lines and heavy textures. Most traditional styles have some kind of depth to them too, giving another layer of dimensionality, unlike most other designs.
Featured traditional wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

Transitional Wallpaper Murals

Transitional designs is another highly popular design style, because it takes aspects from both a traditional, and modern design to give you a not so over the top approach, but not too much from one or the other. A transitional design usually showcases modern materials such as glass and steel, but use plush, traditional furnishing. You may also see neutral color scales, with calming and relaxing colors being used all around.

Featured transitional wallpaper mural

£27.99 /m²

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