Waking up to the perfect bedroom - Wallpaper Murals

Waking up to the perfect bedroom – Children’s wallpaper murals for Christmas

children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring dinosaurs

Creating a children’s bedroom has to be one of the best decorating challenges there is – you can really let your imagination run riot! If you’re looking to create a wow-factor that your children can wake up to everyday, consider transforming their space with a full image wallpaper mural.

Before you dive knee deep into demolishing their rooms, maybe you can consider the decorating as a Christmas present. With some planning and browsing of suitable images, you could give them the bedroom wallpaper as their Christmas present, and once the turkey and mince pie levels have shrunk, take advantage of the Christmas break and have fun installing it.

Wallpaper murals your children will love for years

The two most important factors to consider before decorating your kids bedroom are their age and their interests.

The age of your child is the start point because you need to consider the entire space not just the wallpaper mural. For example, there are practical considerations when planning a baby or infant’s rooms – will there be room for a change table? Are all blinds chords out of the way? Where will the cot and feeding chair be positioned in relation to the mural? When planning for older children, have a think about what they’ll need down the track – is there room for a desk? Where will their toys go? Is their space dual purpose?, e.g. a gaming room as well as their bedroom? There’s a lot to consider.

children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring balloons and owls ideal for decorating nursery
Children’s Blue Serene Flying Animals Wallpaper Mural – ideal for nursery and younger children – read more

Of course, decorating a kid’s bedroom needs to consider their interests, and particularly those which will stimulate them. From a very early age, children are in to so many interests, and many are simply passing trends which they grow out of quickly. As a parent, you will know your children better than anyone, and based on what they’re always talking about with you and their friends, you’ll soon pick up which interests are their favourites.

Choosing children’s wallpaper murals based on their interests

Some interests of course are unlikely to change quickly. Boys and girls are often drawn to sport, from horse-riding and swimming to football and rugby. Boys for example, can be hugely enthusiastic about their favourite football team, and may already have posters and photos of their players on their wall; and if they’re ultra ‘footie-obsessed’, they’ve probably already asked for pillows and duvets in their team’s colours featuring the club logo. One of the biggest hits this Christmas could be a wallpaper mural featuring their club’s stadium. Children (and adults) share great memories at the home of their favourite club, and imagine waking up each morning to a feature wall filled with a wallpaper mural of their favourite team’s stadium. See all our stadium wallpaper murals including Premier League football clubs, national stadiums and of course anything from football, rugby, cricket, tennis and NFL stadiums.

children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring tottenham hotspur football stadium
Spurs Football Stadium Wall Art – Read More
children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring twickenham, the home of english rugby
England Rugby Stadium Wall Paper – Read More

children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring nfl stadiums
Arizona Cardinals Stadium Wall Mural – Read More

Children’s interests could of course last a lifetime – Unicorns and Dinosaurs are prime examples of interests we never grow out of. Obviously as grown ups we probably don’t want to wake up to a roaring T-Rex or beautiful galloping white unicorn – but our children’s do.

children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring unicorns
Fairytale Unicorn Kids Mural Wallpaper – Read More
children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring dinosaurs
Children’s Scary T-Rex Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural – Read More

Listen to their ideas and choose a wallpaper mural with your children

The personality of a children’s bedroom should be about them – who they are. That way, they will actually enjoy their room more, because they’ll feel like it’s theirs. We’ve had people say to us, ‘Yes, but they want black!’ We say, ‘Well make it black and put white furniture in, and if they’re also into superheroes, Star Wars, or love their gaming, give them a wallpaper mural too. They’ll love it.

children's bedroom wallpaper mural featuring superheroes
The Avengers Superhero Custom Wallpaper Mural – Read More

Whatever you decide to do for your children this Christmas, you can’t go far wrong with a full image feature-wall created from a wallpaper mural perfectly complementing their personality, interests and hobbies.

Happy Christmas decorating!

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