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The ultimate solution to up your real estate ante

As most anyone could tell you, the real estate market is at an all time high.  As most real estate agents would recommend, now is the time to sell and make the profit you always hoped for when you first invested in your home and to start building that nest egg.

If you’re looking to make the leap – it’s important to understand the impact of fast-fashion style social media sites and apps like PInterest, TikTok, and Instagram have had on the real estate market.  These platforms have exposed more people than ever to the world of do-it-yourself, interior design, and interior decorating.  But what does this mean for you?

It means that buyers these days are more savvy – not only do they want to find a home that is move-in-ready that they just need to add their personal touches to – they want it to be beautiful, and they know it can be done.  Even more, on average 24% of buyers make an offer based on an online listing – which more than doubled in 2020 to 63% – so ensuring your space looks the best it can be is key.

Homeowners looking to list can go crazy investing endless funds into their home to get it sales market ready – but it can be so much more simple than that.  After multiple tours, buyers tend to remember key elements of each home – impact moments that make a statement – and we have just the solution for you.

Wallpaper is a universal solution – it can add texture, theme, aesthetic, color, and life to a room.  It also helps provide the illusion of more space in the right circumstances.    It makes all the difference and creates a backdrop that only needs some simple furniture and accessories to round it out.

Do you live in an urban high-rise condo, in the city, full of grit and character? Consider bringing in some texture through a brick wall with a graffiti style mural into the living room space.  Layer it over with a gallery wall or a TV and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind living room.

Graffiti-Style Golden Gate Bridge Wallpaper Mural
Graffiti-Style Golden Gate Bridge Wallpaper Mural – read more

Does your home have multiple bedrooms and you’re looking to market it to a family? Make a statement that can fit any family using a fun and inviting wallcovering that will even get the kids telling mom and dad to buy!

Cute Creatures Wall Mural
Cute Creatures Wall Mural – read more

Do you live in a warm climate that people tend to move to from far away with hopes of living in the sunshine and a slower pace of life?  Add a tropical backdrop in your dining room, maybe with a little wainscoting and a chair rail below and you’re good to go with a classy, fun and timeless solution that buyers are sure to remember.

Overgrown Tropical Wallpaper Mural
Overgrown Tropical Wallpaper Mural – read more

So if you’re looking for something that can really up the ante in your home and make an impact on buyers when they’re touring through in person or online, we’ve got your solution. Wallpaper murals are a great solution that add personality, character, and impact – and buyers go crazy for them!

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