The Ultimate Christmas Home Interiors - Wallpaper Murals

The Ultimate Christmas Home Interiors

The Ultimate Christmas Home Interiors featuring wallpaper murals

It won’t be long until the tree is decorated in homes across the world, because in just over a month it’s the 1st December, and one of our favourite times of the year. The festive season is filled with parties, family and friends, and traditionally with all the celebrations comes the decorating! This is our guide to the ultimate Christmas home interiors.

Festive interiors with a traditional and personal touch

For us, decorating the home for Christmas is the same as how we should embrace decorating every room of our home at anytime of year, with layers of personal objects that reflect our own personalities and not the trends of mass produced fashion.

With an emphasis on decorations which are not too elaborate, we propose dressing your rooms with beautiful pieces that comeback every year that are filled with happy memories of years past. At such a special time of the year its great to keep things fresh, so add a new set or two of decorations to your collection – our favourites are handmade, unique decorations from Western Europe, like these Käthe Wohlfahrt enchanting Christmas decorations. This way, there will be an emphasis on high-quality objects that last and can be stored away for years to come. Glass ornaments, carved wooden figures, and ceramics with a metallic festive touch, and classic stockings can be used throughout the home.

christmas decorations by Kathe Hohlfahrt
traditional style christmas decorations

This traditional Christmas style will result in a return of luxurious materials such as plaid, tweed, velvets and linens in a sophisticated colour palette. Whites, silvers, brass, deep greys will be the preferred colours of the traditional style.

Minimalist Christmas Interiors

scandanavian style christmas tree decorations

Looking in the opposite direction to traditional styling, consider a Scandanavian inspired theme using minimal decorations. It’s the perfect style for those living in small spaces or contemporary interiors and is an understated, modern aesthetic. The centre-piece is the tree often dressed without fairy lights, and with a small amount of hanging decorations of similar size and colours usually white, silver or gold. Stick with a monochromatic look or add a festive twist of a metallic or dark forest green. Just think simple, bared back and sophisticated.

Who needs a Christmas tree?

simple christmas decorations

If you’re in a small apartment or just not keen on a Christmas tree there is another way of creating a centre-piece to a festive room that will still look fabulous. We love the idea of walking through the forest looking for a fallen branch which can be salvaged and re-used with decorations as an alternative to a tree – its so simple but so effective.

Christmas interiors inspired by wallpaper murals

Creating an interior that is completely customised for your space and which transforms a room into the ultimate Christmas experience will bring joy and happiness to your friends and family throughout the festive period and beyond. One of the most creative, memorable and show-stopping approaches to a Christmas interior is with a beautiful wallpaper mural. Your plain walls are perfect for a minimalist approach, but using a wallpaper mural featuring a full sized festive image will look stunning.

christmas wallpaper murals
Spruce Trees with Snowy Mountain Wallpaper Mural – This stunning spruce tree mountain that is covered in snow will be sure to get you in your feels and leave you relaxed! – Buy one now!

The image can become a backdrop to your carefully planned decorations, and will complement the stying of your tree, lighting and soft furnishings.

Whatever you do this Christmas, use your imagination, be creative with style, and bring festive fun and into your homes. Cheers.

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