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Summer Styles to Lift our Spirits

Sunshine through the forest mural

It’s that time of year where thoughts start turning to Autumn.  The long summer nights are starting to fade, along with our tans and schools are getting ready to open their doors again for the new school term.  It won’t be long before we’re all hunkered down in oversized jumpers and thick socks whilst cradling mugs of hot chocolate.

To be honest, that doesn’t sound too bad – but if you’re not ready for the summer to be over, and know you’re going to miss all the feel-good moods the sunshine brings, there are a few things you can do to keep the vibe alive.

Summer Meadow Wallpaper Mural
Evening Summer Meadow Mural – read more

#1 Summer scents

Our sense of smell is hugely important when it comes to recreating certain memories.  Have you ever caught of waft of perfume, and been reminded of a much-loved relative?  How about the smell of freshly baked bread or mulled wine?

The same is true of summer.  Now, it might not be possible to find an air freshener that resembles sun tan lotion or sangria – but you can find fresh summer fruits such as watermelon, orange or lemon and lime.  Whether it’s a plug in or a wax melt, adding some summery fragrance into your home is a quick and easy way to lift the mood.

Tropical Beach Sunset Mural
Sunset On A Tropical Island Beach – read more

#2 Summer colours

When you think of summer decor, you no doubt think of bright, light and airy.  The summer tends to be full with a riot of colour, whether that’s bold fashion designs in funky prints, the tourist attracting advertising outside beach front cafes or the fruit platters available at your holiday hotel.

Bright colours are fold everywhere, and adding these into your home décor is a great way to help add a splash of summer to your space.  A simple fix is to pick one or two walls within a room to pain in bold colours.  Bright pinks, greens and light blues or azures are great options for a summer space, as are the clean lines of white and daffodil yellow.  The great thing is these colours work no matter what the season, so you don’t need to worry about regularly refreshing.

#3 Wall art

If you don’t want to go the full hog and redecorate a room in its entirety, why not consider adding some carefully chosen wall art instead?  Some nice beach photographs, or even some much loved holiday snaps printed onto canvass can be a great addition to any room.

However, if you really want to make a statement, why not opt for a wall mural instead?  Having one wall as a feature, displaying a specific image, can be a great way to really enhance your setting and act as a talking point.

Fields of Sunflowers wallpaper Mural – read more

Want to bring some relaxation into your dining room?  Then why not add a gorgeous tropical beach sunset to provide a table with a view? Alternatively, a warming beach sunrise may be more your cup of tea as you enjoy your breakfast in peace.  If you’re looking to add some summer to a bedroom, then a field of flowers may do the trick, ensuring you can bring nature inside without having to worry about watering it!

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