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Sounds of the sunshine!

There’s nothing quite like music. It’s a universal language that can bring people together, create a movement, and stir the soul. They symphony of sound – instruments carefully paired together to create an audible sensation you’ve never heard before. Lyrics that can grip you at your core and awaken the most unexpected emotions. Whether you’re a fan of the Beatles, Metallica, Bilie Eilish, or Post Malone – there’s a style of music that speaks to everyone.

Imagine the experience, Coachella, front row – center stage and your favorite artist is right there in front of you. It’s a great set so far and you can’t believe you’re there to witness it. Then just as the last song ends, there’s a quiet buzz amongst the crowd just as those first chords of your all time favorite song burst through the sound system. This is the moment you’ve been waiting your whole life for – to witness this moment in person – and you’re in the perfect spot.

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This memory doesn’t have to stay behind at the festival. Our custom wallpapers allow you to take the photos from your phone and transform them into custom wallpaper for your home. The listening lounge that you’ve created to listen to all of your favorite music with your friends, finally has the missing piece. Now you’re sitting in your lounger, speakers full volume, your favorite song on, only this time you’re looking right at the image from Coachella – when you were right there – and its life size!

Of course, there are options for everyone – singers and fans, composers and lyricists and of course, band members, alike. With options ranging from guitar and piano players to musical chords and music inspired graffiti images – inspiration is only the beginning of where your imagination can take you. With a little bit of customization, you too can create a curated space for them to nurture their craft in. Whether it’s the formal living room turned piano rehearsal space that needs the most perfect backdrop for social media videos or the downstairs coat closet turned recording room that just needs that one final touch – music wallpaper is your solution.

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Do you have an aspiring teen band at home? Sure, you gave them the garage or basement space (with adequate soundproofing no doubt!) to rehearse in and you help them cart all the equipment to auditions on weekends. But – what better way to show your support than to surprise them by turning that garage or basement into the ultimate rehearsal space complete with a lifesize, bright and bold wall mural?! The pride they would feel having their band name up on the wall – something permanent to represent how important this part of their life is to them – but flexible enough for you to change when their band name inevitably does!

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From Space and Football to Disney and Nature, we’ve got you covered!

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