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Red, White and Blue – and every colour in between

It’s Memorial Day weekend! While the holiday has more recently been revered as the unofficial kick off to summer; filled with family, friends and BBQs, it is truly time for our entire nation to come together and remember those who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. So, as you’re celebrating, wearing the traditional red, white and blue of the American flag, take a moment to understand what those colours really mean. Red is the symbol of hardiness and valour; white, of purity and innocence, and blue of perseverance and justice.

A unique way to show your pride and create an impactful moment in any celebration is through a custom wall mural. Just picture the excitement at your annual BBQ on the back porch; you open the doors to your three season porch to welcome in family and friends and there for all to see is a full scale wall mural – red, white and blue pride – the American flag full size on the back wall. It’s hard to create a more Instagrammable backdrop moment than that!

Having that wow feature can really take your space to the next level and no matter your colours of choice, we have you covered. We know that nothing is quite as personal as colour and that preferences for different colours and combinations of colours come from a variety of experiences throughout our lives. Anyone can paint a static colour on the wall – but it always requires so much more – whether it’s artwork, furniture, or plants to bring it to life. A wall mural can bring that colour to life through visual texture, depth, and varying sheens.

Just imagine that master bathroom you’ve always dreamed of – the soaking tub and stand up glass shower, the marble counters and tile floors – with a simple green painted wall, reminiscent of the tropical plants that inspired the space. Beautiful, but maybe missing a little something? Take a moment and imagine that same space, but instead of a flat, green paint behind the marble counter and mirror at the sink is a beautiful tropical plant mural – not bright and wild, but subtle, subdued, and sophisticated. Black and white outlines with green leaves layered in, really highlighting the specialness of the colour for you. It really takes the space to the next level!

Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Mural
Tropic Leaf Wallpaper Mural – read more

The best part is that there is an unlimited number of ways to use colour to inspire a space from serene and meditative to bold and energizing. For example, on the flipside, a children’s playroom can be beautiful and bright with just a simple add of fun paint, but amp it up with a colourful and simple mural, and you’ve got yourself an imaginative and energetic space to invigorate little minds! It can be anything from the most simple graphics to a colourful rainbow that inspires even the youngest dreamers.

Abstract Rainbow Wallpaper
Dayglo Abstract Rainbow Wallpaper Mural – read more

No matter your favourite colours, we have you covered. We can bring your vision to life or even customize the colours you see in one of our stock images. The only limit to the possibilities, is your own imagination!

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