Ding Ding Round One Boxing Gloves Mural


Looking for a “knock-out” boxing-themed wallpaper mural? You’ve come to the right place as we have hundreds of creative and inspiring wallpaper murals themed around boxing, so come and take a look today!

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Boxing wallpaper - A Knock-Out!

We apologize for the really bad pun. It was meant to be punny. We’re kidding… but we’re not kidding about our boxing wallpaper murals. All of our wallpaper murals are great, but our boxing wallpaper murals will showcase the best of the sport, and will look amazing on any boxing fan’s wall, no matter which room you hang it in.

A Breeze of Murals

A fresh cold breeze is nice, but we’ve got hundreds of amazingly high-quality wallpaper murals that focus and showcase the best of boxing. This includes famous arenas, amazing boxers and even more, boxing inspired features that will be sure to look amazing on your wall! Take a look through our full collection today!

High-Quality and Exciting Boxing

All of our wallpaper murals, even more so the Boxing ones are of a super high quality. We take care and pride ourselves on making the best quality murals by choosing top material suppliers and the best images we can get our hands on. We’re so sure that you’ll be happy with our quality! Take a look through at our full collection and take your pick from hundreds of murals!

Seconds Out Round One Boxing Sport Wall Art Mural

Let's get creative

Create your very own custom wall mural
from any photo, picture or print

Let's get creative

Create your very own custom wall mural
from any photo, picture or print

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If you want any of our products in black & white, or help with resizing an image to create your own wallpaper mural, or maybe need design advice, contact our friendly design team now!

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