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The forest is a mystical place. It can be both terrifying and welcoming, scary and safe, ugly and beautiful. The trick is learning how to appreciate it for what it is – nature’s expression. If you’d like to get in touch with the nymph inside of you, then our woodland mural wallpaper assembly would be just the thing. Come see for yourself!

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Woodland Wallpaper Murals - Stag Pride

There’s nothing more natural than being surrounded by greenery. If city life has got you down and you’re looking to rejuvenate your body and soul, then you should take a look at our mural wallpapers and decide which one is best for your healing process. Don’t let the weight of modern city living affect you. Push your chest out and be proud – you’ve got good tastes in wallpapers, and it shows!

Verdant Green

The many colours of the woodland are so diverse and vibrant we’d do ourselves a disservice if we were to ignore them. The forest offers many comforts to select people, and that’s why we’ve decided to create a collection that would satisfy the needs and wants of even the most passionate outdoorsman.


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