Trudge through the Amazonian jungles without any downside by choosing one of our extraordinary high-quality Marmalade Art wallpaper murals for your room! Turn your home into a bonafide work of art crafted by none other than Mother Nature herself by applying our designs onto your walls. No creepy crawlies, no overwhelming heat, no stress! Our wallpaper collection is a great choice for when you want to explore without leaving the comfort of your house.

Category: Jungle

Jungle Wallpaper Murals - Vibrant Greenery

Duck underneath sword-shaped leaves and weave your way past drooping ferns whenever you come home. The colours we’ve used in our designs are not only richly vibrant but also thoroughly authentic, leaving you to believe you’ve been dropped in the middle of the Amazon whenever you take a second to appreciate them. The best part? They’re just as immersive regardless of whether you’re in a business meeting or just chilling on the sofa.

Household Adventures

The world is home to a large variety of jungles that feature their own unique characteristics. We’ve labored hard to strike a balance between the aesthetics of all major jungles so that you’ll have a slice of the Amazon, Borneo, Kipling, and several other jungles, all at the same time! Don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself!

Wallpaper made modern

wallpaper murals made modern

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