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Turn your Playroom into Astros’ Playroom

Astros Playroom is a new and upcoming game that allows you to play as Astro and have fun all at the same time! Why not take a look through our collection of Astro’s playroom wallpaper murals that will be sure to liven up  your room and make you feel like you’re sat inside the game, every time you enter the room.

A Sandpit of Wallpapers

Ok, this isn’t exactly true, but we have a staggering range of high-quality wallpaper murals that will make anyone happy! If you love Astros playroom or think it looks great, then take a look at all of our action filled, or romance themed Astro playroom murals to make your room look peaceful, or joyful!

Installation Done Right

As with all of our murals, because we use high-quality materials, you will be sure to have a hassle-free installation and maintenance. Cleaning is super easy, and installation is even easier, so why not take a look at one of our Astros playroom wallpaper murals and make your room look even better today! Take a look now!

Astros Playroom Flying Robot over Beach Wallpaper Mural


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