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Shabby Chic

This next style, Shabby Chic is a vintage-inspired theme, but is usually a little more feminine, delicate, and soft-going. Shabby Chic is usually finished in an antique-style, and colours can vary from creams and whites, to light-themed pastels that give the overall design a feminine vibe

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Splendid Shabby Chic Wallpaper Murals

A fan of the worn aesthetic? Prefer light pastel colours to brighten up your day and your living room over cold, modern designs? Want to make your home look lived in and as classy as can be? We have a varied collection of shabby chic wallpapers that can turn any house into a vintage masterpiece worth freezing in time!

Dollhouse Beauty

If you want your house to be both feminine and elegant, then the shabby chic style is a great choice for when it comes to expressing yourself. Let your house tune into your feelings and desires and turn it into more than just a building with one of our high-quality wallpaper murals that will make it look like a life-sized dollhouse!


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