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A retro, or mid-century modern design is a design that is often looked at as an ‘older’ design. Usually, the retro comes from the mid-1900s, but more specifically the 1960s. These designs usually featured fuss-free and natural shapes and patterns that would show off functionality all the time. These retro designs also featured vibrant colour, and seamless transitions from the interior, to the exterior and vice versa.

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Create Your Own Retro Wallpaper Murals

Take yourself back to a time when wallpapers used to feature a great assortment of natural colours and where organic patterns ruled the day with our collection of authentic retro wallpapers. These funky pieces feature repetitive yet alluring designs that make you want to get down to the groove!

Get Down Tonight

There’s seldom a better time to dance when not at the club than at home, where you can blast all the swinging tunes you like the most at maximum volume. If your desire is to make the room dance with you as well, then you can do so with one of our amazing wallpaper murals that have been designed to help you get the perfect rhythm going.

Classical Red Car in Side Street Wallpaper Mural


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