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Hamptons - Coastal

The Coastal style that is also known as the Hamptons style, comes from the iconic and well loved US beachside. The most notable features of a coastal design are light, and airy colourful patterns with neutral shades. This often comes with blues and greens naturally. Other aspects would include materials such as wood or sand-themed, keeping the coastal vibe alive.

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Create Your Own Coastal Hamptons Wallpaper Murals

If you’re missing or craving the briny smell of the sea and the feeling of sand in between your toes, then one of the best ways to take a slice of the coastal life with you at home is with a relaxing wallpaper featuring a number of cool yet natural colours that turns your room into an idyllic retreat worth visiting many times over.

Floating on Water

Emulating the memorable experience of enjoying a seaside marina of whitewashed wood and seagulls used to be impossible, but our collection of incredible wallpaper murals can finally make your dreams come true. Bring yourself closer to your ideal coastal paradise by picking one of our spectacular wallpapers today!

Isometric Leaves Blue/Gray Wallpaper Mural

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wallpaper murals made modern

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