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Although usually compared together, Contemporary designs (and modern designs) are two quite different styles and designs. Contemporary is a design based on the current trends and not something in the future. Contemporary also has a little bit more fluidity as it can represent the current trends, and be adapted upon whenever needed. These designs include curved lines and other features that modern designs wouldn’t have.

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Stylish and Contemporary Wallpaper Murals

Need to turn a room into a subtle and sophisticated work of modern art? Our contemporary wallpaper collection features many soft and minimalistic designs with bold and contrasting colours for you to lend a touch of character to your home. The clean nature of the contemporary designs is sure to make an impression with those that have a predilection towards modern art.

Simple Refinement

Appreciate the beauty of simple designs that know how to capitalise upon natural aesthetics? Then you’ll be like a child in a toy store when browsing our large collection of superbly high-quality wallpapers that are sure to satisfy even the most refined of tastes, perfect with those that prefer contemporary styles.


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