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Murals for your breakout room

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A breakout space is an important addition to any office working environment – it should be a zone where staff are able to go, relax, interact, eat and generally unwind before going back to their desks. It should be an area where staff can feel comfortable and have a moment of recovery before going back to their working day, hopefully feeling refreshed and able to be more productive as a result.

However, designing the perfect space takes some thought – it’s more complicated than simply throwing some comfy chairs or funky décor around and hoping for the best. Here are some of the key things you need to consider when it comes to designing your ultimate breakout room, especially if you’re thinking about adding a wall mural.

Cafe wallpaper mural
Yellow/Orange French Side-Street Wallpaper Mural – read more

How do you want the space to be used?

How you plan to use your breakout space will ultimately determine what sort of décor you might want to use in there.  If you envision your team eating their lunch, then you’re going to want to have tables and may even choose to install a food and drink themed wall mural to create a café style vibe.

Alternatively, you may be keen to use this space as a way for people to come together and potentially collaborate – making it a chill out zone as well as a communal work area.  Neutral art, such as something using vibrant but abstract tones may work better for you.

If you want to create a calm and tranquil environment, then utilising images from nature can be a great way to achieve this.  Landscape pictures, such as calming lavender fields can be a great option for any company.

Lavendar fields wallpaper mural
Lavender Fields Wallpaper Mural – read more

How do you want to reflect your company?

As we’ve already mentioned, the purpose of a breakout area is to allow staff to relax in between bursts of work.  Therefore, you don’t necessarily want to have the space feel too focussed on work.

However, you may want to reflect your company’s vision, values, branding or industry in some way. For example, if you work in the trave industry, a nod to this may seem appropriate, such as this Route 66 mural. Alternatively, if you all enjoy music, something simple like this graffiti wall may be perfect.

Another great option is to use motivational quotes, or words which inspire based on your company or industry.  You can even upload your own images, so it could be a good idea to get the team together to brainstorm words that they think might be fitting to use.

Route 66 mural wallpaper
Iconic Route 66 Road Start Wallpaper Mural – read more

What furniture do you need?

Whilst you don’t necessarily need a massive wall in order to use a mural, it is important to bear in mind what your furniture requirements might be. There’s not much point in having a stunning mural, if you’re going to hide it behind storage unites, shelves and a vending machine.

Pan out your space carefully, and then decide what wall space you have available to really make sure you’re showcasing the best of it.

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