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Measuring your walls
Measuring your wall is easier than you think. All we need is the width and height of the wall at the longest and widest possible points.

How to measure

Take your measuring tape and note down the widest width and the highest point of your wall. We only need wall measurements, don’t include any skirting board or coving.

We will manufacture your order to exactly the sizes you provide.

We highly recommend that you allow at least 50mm (2inches) to your dimensions all around on your purchase to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming uneven walls. This will make installation easier and safer.

We know walls come in all shapes and sizes, it’s one of the reasons we love them! For tips on measuring different wall types, scroll through the sketches below and don’t forget, we’re always here if you need us.

measure wall for mural wallpaper installation
measuring standard wall for mural wallpaper

Standard wall

Simply measure the full height and width of the wall. Check the measurements in different areas of the wall as walls are often not quite square. Please also double check your dimensions before ordering your mural as we need your exact wall size.

measuring sloped walls to install wallpaper mural

Sloped wall

When you have a sloped ceiling or wall, measure the longest and widest parts only, ignoring any slopes. Your wall mural will be manufactured as a whole square or rectangle, and the slope should be cut away during installation.

measuring pitched walls or ceilings to install wallpaper mural

Pitched wall or ceiling

If your wall has two slants, simply identify and measure the longest part of the wall in both width and height.

Again, we will manufacture your mural as a square or rectangle, with the slopes cut away during installation.

measuring walls with doors, windows and other obstacles to install wallpaper mural

Walls with Windows and Doors

When there is a door, window or other obstacle on your wall, measure the width and height of the wall, ignoring the obstacle as this will be cut away during hanging. Feel free to send us additional measurements.
measuring multiple walls to install wallpaper mural

Multiple walls

If you are planning to wrap your mural around multiple walls, simply combine the widths as if they were one long wall. The height measurement should be taken from the biggest point from the combined walls.

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