Let Mother Nature fill your home - nature wallpaper murals
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Let Mother Nature fill your home – wallpaper murals inspired by nature

Beautiful misty morning iwoodland forest wallpaper mural

As the seasons move from Spring to Summer, the natural world is continuing to get more active with excitement and anticipation. Everything around us is getting ready for the warmer months and in most cases this brings a vibrancy of colour, textures and sound which are magical for the senses. Now you can tingle the senses all year around with nature inspired full-image wallpaper murals, ideal for home and places of work.

Following the spring equinox, days begin lasting longer and nights get shorter. The extra hours of daylight may be more meaningful than ever before, particularly as we look to get outside and enjoy socially distanced fresh air more than ever. The benefits of extra sunshine is a bright spot for human health. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the trees start to bathe in glorious sunlight, and an abundance of wildlife starts to play. Spring and early summer is a wonderful time of the year and now you have the opportunity to bask in glorious Mother Nature everyday without even stepping outside your home…

Forest Wallpaper Murals

As we rush about our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of how bad towns and cities can be for our wellbeing. Pollution may not make itself known on a day-to-day basis, but it’s only when you escape the city and feel the fresh, clean air of the countryside in your lungs that you realise how much your body has been craving it. One of the reasons we love forests so much is because trees pump oxygen into our air, and cleanse it of the carbon dioxide that concentrates in more populated areas of the country. Forests and woodlands are essential to human existence on earth. They are our past, present and future.

In today’s tech-dominated society, sometimes it feels like the world is moving too fast. Forests can provide the antidote, with ample opportunities to slow down, rest and escape. At Marmalade Art we have a huge range of forest wallpaper murals designed to recreate the atmosphere of vibrant, mesmerising forests and woodlands. They provide an opportunity to transform any room with a full image forest scene. Our forest wallpapers feature all the seasons, so it’s easy to find the ideal natural colours, textures and lighting to match the decor within your room.

Customer favourites include our Autumn Golden Forest Wallpaper, Beautiful misty morning woodland forest, and Geometric green forest wall art.

golden forest wallpaper murals
geometric forest wallpaper art

See all forest wallpaper murals here

Nature Wallpaper Murals

But nature isn’t just about forests. Now you can enjoy the very best of nature even on a rainy day with a nature wall mural. From beautiful scenery including mountains and beaches to stunning flowers and plants. Nature wallpapers are perfect for dressing up a feature wall or making a small space feel grand and elegant. Let the wonders of nature into your home and onto your walls with modern and endearing nature murals completely inspired by Mother Nature.

Let the feeling of exploration and the wonders of nature into your home and let your imagination run free. Choose a nature inspired wall mural to suit your state of mind or simply to enhance your room decor.

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