Installing Your Mural | Wallpaper Mural Installation Guide
Installing your mural
Whether you’re a seasoned DIY’er or complete novice, follow our easy step-by-step installation guide for perfect results

Custom Made Wallpaper Mural Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing your custom made wallpaper from Marmalade Art. We want to make sure you’re completely happy with your choice and for perfect results every time, ask that you read the installation guide fully before you start installation.

Take your time and familiarise yourself with the installation instructions to make a working plan. This will make your work easier and minimise the risk of mistakes or accidents, producing results to be proud of.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure this product reaches you in perfect condition, we ask that before installation you check your custom made wallpaper for any defects or damage. Marmalade Art cannot be held liable for cost incurred due to incorrect hanging, or hanging defective wallpaper, if by preliminary inspection the defect would have been found before hanging.

Preparation is the key to a successful wallpaper mural installation

As with all home improvements, the key to success is in the preparation. Take time to prepare your walls carefully, resolving imperfections at this point will always provide for a better finish that you will enjoy for many years to come.

It is important to completely remove any debris, old paper (including the backing) from the wall surface in preparation to installing your new wall mural. The wall should also be free of all contaminants such as dirt, mildew, dust, oil, grease, nails/screws etc and be of a uniform colour.

Any screws or nails should be removed or flattened and any holes or cracks in the wall should be filled and sanded smooth.

For Porous Surfaces
Ensure all surfaces are dry. Old plaster must be stable and free of mould. New plaster should be completely dry.

Non-porous surfaces
Lightly sand the walls to provide a key, then dust the wall with a clean brush. Wash the walls and allow them to dry. Prime the wall with a PVA primer allowing to dry thoroughly before starting to install your wall mural.

Tools required:

Let's get started

When you’re happy that your walls are clean, dry and prepared correctly. Remove all unnecessary objects from the working area. Make sure all tools are easily at hand.
lets stat installing your wallpaper mural
installing wallpaper mural

Prepare your paper

Your custom made wallpaper has been printed on 51cm wide panels and pre cut for your convenience. They are helpfully numbered at the top of each panel in the order to be hung. Finding the number on the strip, lay out in numerical order (number 1 on top).

Please note – when you ordered your custom wallpaper you were advised to include 50mm/2inch to your dimensions to compensate for trimming uneven walls.
installing your custom wallpaper mural

Working from the left

Using a plumb line or spirit level draw a straight line from top to bottom of the wall.
pasting your wallpaper mural


We recommend that you apply a thin even sizing coat of wallpaper paste over the entire wall before starting pasting your paper. This will give better manoeuvrability during installation and a stronger bond of your mural to the wall.

Use an adhesive containing anti-fungicide with preservatives follow the manufacturers instructions using a roller or pasting brush.
pste your first wallpaper panel

First panel

Generously paste an even coat of adhesive from the centre out top to bottom, ensuring all edges are well covered of the first panel of your mural wallpaper. Fold the paper adhesive side in, so that the edges do not dry out and allow soaking for 10 minutes to become pliable. All papers expand when soaked make sure to allow the same soak time for all subsequent panels.

Follow First panel for all subsequent panels until the installation of your mural is complete.

Avoid getting paste on the face of your custom made wallpaper, as paste can damage the print and the face of the paper. We cannot accept responsibility for marks or damage caused by paste.

Always isolate any electrical points that you are working near before proceeding with installation. If in any doubt consult a qualified electrical engineer who will be able to assist you.
installing wallpaper mural 2

Hang the first length

Working from top to bottom, allowing the paper to fall naturally. 

Working first vertically and then horizontally smooth over with a soft brush to ensure no air bubbles remain trapped underneath.

Check carefully that you have followed your plumb line for correct alignment, checking in key image areas (eye level and focal points) before trimming top and bottom.

If necessary to achieve a good alignment, carefully pull back or remove and reposition your mural and proceed as above.

Trim away the excess paper from the top, bottom and any edges using a straight edge and a sharp knife.


installing wallpaper mural 3

Perfect your panels

To hang your custom wallpaper just hang the panels from edge to edge, butting together with no overlap.

Match the image at the join and adjust slightly until the design completely matches.
Smooth the paper with a soft brush first vertically then horizontally.

Checking the entire length of the joint is matched and not overlapped and gently using the seam roller ensure the joins are well bonded.

Wipe away any excess paste from the face of the paper, skirting’s, ceilings and electrical points with a slightly dampened clean sponge.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your custom mural is completed.

We recommend that you allow your custom made wallpaper to dry out naturally and therefore recommend that central heating is turned off in the room until this has taken place.

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