How to Create a Hamptons Coastal Style Inspired Interior

How to create a Hamptons Coastal inspired interior

hamptons coastal interior design style with wallpaper mural feature wall

The Hamptons style is inspired by the luxury holiday homes in the region of Long Island in New York known as The Hamptons. The style has taken the interior design world by storm and we can understand why – interiors are bright, light, fresh and airy with a coastal vibe that makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk into the room.

Essentially, if you’re looking to replicate the traditional Hamptons colour palette, you need to consider white, more white, touches of navy pin-stripe and patterns, and often with nautical colours. Around this there are often layers of key decorative elements and touches of accent colours predominantly featuring blue and sandy shades, plus subtle textures for extra depth. The style encapsulates all the comforts of a beach house, but with added luxury finishes. With this style you get the best of both worlds – the mix of seaside relaxation and the indulgence of the rich and famous.

We are often asked about Hamptons and Coastal styles, and whether they are the same style. While Hamptons and Coastal styles work best with clean, white canvases with neutral colour schemes, one of the main differences between them is the accent colours used. For a typical Coastal style design you’ll be working with a palette of blues, ranging between deep shades of navy to marine tones, with pops of powder blue or aqua. If you’re looking to recreate a Coastal style in your room, keep the blues natural and balanced, and don’t go over the top.

Side by side Hamptons and Coastal are very similar, but with the difference in accents colours, the difference starts to become more clear. While Hamptons offers the balance between formal and relaxed, the more natural and blue styling of Coastal delivers are far greater relaxed interior setting.

Feature wallpapers ideal for Hamptons Coastal styles

We are huge fans of the distinctive Hamptons and Coastal styles. While chic, sophisticated beach homes fill the pages of interior magazines, we have been inspired by Hamptons and Coastal to help transform interior spaces all over the world, regardless of their location to the waterfront. With their down to earth relaxed appeal, soothing hues and appreciation of all things sea, sun and sand, these beach styles can be punctuated with feature walls which will help pull all decor and soft furnishings together.

Feature walls give interior spaces a decorative focal point. They can also be a great way to give a space a new look and feel, reinvigorating the style of the home without going to the time, effort and expense of redecorating the entire room. If you’re inspiration for a room is a Hamptons – Coastal style, our full image custom-made wallpaper murals create a stunning focal point to which your eye is first drawn when you enter the room.

Our Hamptons and Coastal inspired wallpaper mural designs will help you recreate the formal and relaxed environments synonymous with these styles. For relaxed spaces in the bedroom, to elegant, natural styling in living areas, we’re sure you’ll capture the essence of the luxury holiday homes in Long Island.

A selection of Hamptons – Coastal wallpaper murals to help you start your interior transformation:

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