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Go big or go home – it’s football season!

While most football fans are eagerly awaiting that first week after Labor Day to see their favorite teams hit the field, the truest ones, often with their season tickets ready to go, are counting the moments until April 28th – when the draft, and the extended season begins.  While it may not be until August that we can see our favorite players in the pre-season, the draft offers us the opportunity to get a glimpse of the action, and it’s a game unto itself.  The pre-draft trades, the unexpected shifts and changes that will make or break a team in the upcoming season.

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Whether you’re an uber fan who is traveling to Las Vegas to escape for a few days into a dream world complete with some of your biggest idols or following along from the comfort of your home, the draft is an annual experience that won’t soon be forgotten.  While the NFL is providing access to the draft arena free of charge to the public – you’ll need to have the NFL One Pass app downloaded to your phone to get the latest updates – and what better way to stay in the loop than with a direct connection to the action.

No matter how you celebrate, participate or simply prepare for it, football season is one to be enjoyed.  In a matter of months, we’ll all be filling the stands or packed around the TV in our viewing rooms at home to support our favorite team.  While not everyone can have season tickets, being a supporter from your favorite lounger makes you no less of a fan – and you deserve no less of an experience! 

Carolina Panthers Stadium Wall Mural – read more

If you’re looking for a way to really amp up that experience, there’s a few key things you should consider.  First – a comfortable seat; yes, we know you’ll be standing and pacing in anticipation at least half the time – it’s still important.  Second – food and beverages at your fingertips.  Not having to run up to the kitchen in the middle of a critical play because your beer is running low is key.  Third – screen and sound system – don’t skimp here, just trust us and do it right! Lastly – the finishing touch, a life size immersive wall mural backdrop for the screen (or if you really mean it – wrapping the room!) that makes you feel like you’re there with your favorite players.  We can provide you with custom wall art that spans floor to ceiling, across the length of your room of anything – your favorite stadium, your favorite play, the team roster – whatever you want – we can do! Imagine what it would be like to be watching that game from home, and behind the screen is the photo you took – lifesize – from your favorite seat in the stadium while the home team took the field; it’s like you’re really there, every time, even when you can’t be.  The possibilities are endless – so much that football season never even needs to end when it comes to your favorite viewing room!! 

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