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Ghoulish Bedrooms – Halloween Wallpaper Murals

Halloween is seen as a fun opportunity for kids and adults to get creative by making gory costumes and decorating their homes with scary ornaments such as artificial cobwebs, jack-o’-lanterns and everything from glow-in-the-dark skeletons to flesh-eating zombies. Creating a halloween experience does’t just have to be enjoyed for one day in the year. Wallpaper murals can transform interiors to create a permanent year-round spooky experience.

Before we continue, we appreciate that ghoulish images in a young child’s bedrooms is not a good idea. Bedrooms are places of security and for young children we recommend transforming their special place with beautiful and more appropriate images. If they’re into football, fairytales & fantasy, space adventure or superheroes our children’s wallpaper mural section is an inspiring place to start planning for their ultimate bedroom.

Reasons why (most) children, teenagers and adults love spooky fun

Every Halloween, we invest in scary fun. From decorating our homes and transforming them into haunted houses, teenagers as well as adults seem to crave a good spine-chilling scare. We enjoy feeling scared and seek the feeling out because, deep down, we know we’re in no real danger. This underlying awareness of security promotes a sense of excitement rather than actual fear and is why we enjoy going on terrifying amusement park rides and walking through a Halloween-themed haunted house.

Watching scary movies has a similar affect on us. We seek the thrill of being spooked because we crave the scary excitement. They pose no physical threat, with the minor psychological threat being that we might have nightmares as a result of seeing it. Therefore, most of us feel safe watching such a film, and are excited by it, not truly afraid.

Sometimes the emotions are not just connected to excitement or scary fun. As we grow through childhood into our teens we seek emotions or experiences that are different, particularly those to our parents. This is often a rebellious attitude, not in the sense of disruption, but to do things in a different or better way than those of our parents. Our choice of music, clothes and even the way we talk is often a rebellion against something considered normal through our younger children years. We may become attracted to darker, louder music; we crave clothes that are ripped at the knees because they’re considered cool, and not what our parents wear. And when it comes to bedroom decor, as a place which is our own sanctum, our den, our place of security, we can express our inner-selves with our choices of colours, texture, style and furniture.

Combining scary excitement, the love of darker and sinister experiences, and expressing our rebellious side is ideal for teens and adults looking to transform their bedrooms into a ghoulish hollow. Wallpaper murals, the choice of colours and soft furnishings can collectively create year-round spine-chilling excitement that parents will probably hate.

Spooky wallpaper murals

To inspire your creativity and turn up the excitement to spine-chilling levels we’re showcasing some great wallpaper murals for the bedroom, or indeed anywhere in the home. Turn down the lights, grab a cushion, and dare to see some of our favourite spooky wallpaper murals ideal for Halloween and can be enjoyed all year around.

Scary Clown Wallpaper Mural

scary clown wallpaper mural

Harmless jokers or evil lunatics? While clowns usually aim for laughs, the reaction from many—especially those who suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is more like fear. One thing’s for sure, clowns seem to always be in the popular imagination and promote excitement. This clown wallpaper mural is sinister and menacing, and creates a show stopping centrepiece to a bedroom. Buy Scary Clown Wallpaper Mural

Ghostly Call of Duty Wallpaper Mural

scary call of duty wallpaper mural ideal for gamers

Gamers will delight in this creepy, ghostly skull wallpaper mural inspired by the ever-popular Call of Duty. A dark, grunge-styled backdrop to a bedroom will get heart-beats racing. Buy Call of Duty Wallpaper Mural

Spooky Cello Player Wallpaper Mural

spooky wallpaper mural

Everything about this wallpaper mural is scarily unhinged. The glowing eyes on an otherwise featureless face of the cello player is chilling enough, but the atmospheric waters shrouded in mist on a full moon – wow!, even we think this is a scary one. Buy Spooky Cello Player Wallpaper Mural

Huge Spider Alien Invasion Wallpaper Mural

halloween wallpaper mural featuring giant spiders

Combine one of our biggest fears on the largest possible scale and you have arrived at the ultimate Halloween wallpaper mural. Over-sized alien spiders have invaded and we’re all facing uncertain times. The gory green luminescence within a menacing purple background is perfect for Halloween and will scare you throughout the year. Buy Alien Invasion Wallpaper Mural

Foggy Forest Wallpaper Mural

haunted forest wallpaper mural

The light in the centre of this forest wallpaper mural pulls you into the picture. Is it a light of hope or something more sinister? Creating a dark and moody environment doesn’t have to be confined to teenagers bedrooms. This wallpaper mural has enough intrigue, drama and even enchantment for it to work in many styles of room around the home. Buy Foggy Forest Wallpaper Mural

Skeleton Driver Wallpaper Mural

driving skeleton wallpaper mural for halloween

And finally back to the bedroom, where stereotypical creepy images have a huge impact. This skeleton driver is hurtling towards you ablaze within a spectrum of colour and excitement. Do you dare feature something so scary in your bedroom? Buy Driving Skeleton Wallpaper Mural

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