Gaming Wallpaper Murals For The Ultimate Gamer
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Gaming Wallpaper Murals For The Ultimate Gamer

ultimate gaming wallpaper murals

How gaming wallpaper murals help create amazing gaming hubs

Game on and play! It is every gamer’s dream of having a fully decked out gaming hub dedicated for gaming and playing. Many would design their bedroom to double as the gaming room, while others with more space would prefer a more specific space. Whatever dedicated space you have for immersing yourself in your gaming world, consider creating the ultimate experience with gaming wallpaper murals.

What Every Gamer Needs

The world of gaming is as varied as it is surreal. The moment you step into the ultimate gaming room, you want to feel like you’ve entering into your very own alternative world. Creating a space which you’re likely to spend a lot of time in requires planning, creativity and above all a lot of fun. Let’s face it, of all the rooms you’ll ever create or revamp, the most adventurous and creative is going to be a bedroom with a gaming zone or a dedicated gaming room. Anything goes in a gaming room, so why not let your imagination run wild with the best lighting, ceiling, wall decor and furniture.

Strap yourself in, and get ready to create the ultimate gaming room.

Gaming Room Essentials

Gaming room essentials

Gaming room essentials include a quality entertainment system, comfortable and ergonomic furniture, stylish decor, cool lighting to brighten up the space, and an awesome console setup. From cool ways to setup your gaming room to amazing decorating ideas to trendy furniture and accessories, we’re confident you’ll love these suggestions…

  1. Gamers love great speakers – One of the most important things about playing video games is the sound effect because it raises the tension and excitement while playing.
  2. Gaming chair – You need a recliner chair or at least a bean bag so that you can sit continually for hours without feeling tired. The best gaming chairs provides comfort and lumbar support, so that long playing sessions don’t put any strain on your spine.
  3. Smart lighting – Rather than light up the room, gaming room lights are solely for creating an atmosphere within a dark space. LED backlights are the perfect choice for creating the right gaming experience.
  4. Dual monitors are preferred by most gamers – This will allow you to be flexible whilst playing so that you can play the game on one screen and reply to messages on the other.
  5. The coolest wall mural to complement your favourite game – Set the scene with a gaming wallpaper mural to add to your gaming atmosphere.

Gaming Wallpaper Murals

Imagine a featured wall in your gaming room or bedroom showcasing a backdrop to a gaming world of your choice. That’s the perfect accompaniment to your ultimate gaming experience. Marmalade Art gaming wallpaper murals bring your gaming world environment into your room, effortlessly.

Call Of Duty Wallpaper Murals

Want to rise to the Call of Duty? Why not experience the ultimate gaming environment by transforming your room with an amazing Call of Duty wallpaper mural that will be sure to keep your room looking amazing, despite the conditions of the warzone.

call of duty wallpaper murals
Call Of Duty Wallpaper Mural

Fortnite Wallpaper Murals

Fortnite was one of the biggest games over the last few years and still is to this day with millions of players escaping the storm and fighting off opponents every single second. If you’re a Fortnite gamer consider transforming your gaming room with Fortnite wallpaper murals to impress and stun your friends and family!

fortnite wallpaper murals
Fortnite Wallpaper Mural

Cyberpunk Wallpaper Murals

CyberPunk is set in an amazing futuristic city in the year 2077 where civilisation has drastically changed to the worlds needs. Spruce up your gaming room with futuristic a Cyberpunk wallpaper mural.

cyberpunk wallpaper murals
Cyberpunk Wallpaper Mural

Do you know a hardcore gamer? Take a look at all of our amazing gaming wallpaper murals that will inspire, brighten and give your gamer a passionate smile whenever they enter the room.

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