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We use Eco sol max inks and these are water based making them Eco friendly.

All our wall murals have a Matt like finish to them.

Premium is the only laminated wall mural we supply.

We highly recommend Premium this is the most durable material.

Standard and pre pasted are paper based and Premium is PVC based.

Standard      90gsm Premium      120gsm Spray up       400gsm
Simply click on our search bar at the top of the page, were you will find 1000’s of hand chosen custom wallpapers and murals to choose from.

Yes, we can make custom wallpaper from customers images. Just click here to upload a file or send us your image to:

Marmalade Art have a large image library of beautiful hand chosen designs to suit most needs. We also carry a back library of literally millions of stunning images.

If you haven’t seen quite what you're looking for. Simply get in touch with the help team tell us what you're looking for and we’ll find the perfect image for you.

Yes. Just click the Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest share button, and select which room set you would like to share with your friends.

They can then click the link which will take them directly to the page you have shared.

Uploading and customising your own image

With imagination almost any photo, image, illustration or even favourite piece of artwork can be used to create a stunning and unique wall mural.

All of our products are tailor-made to to your measurements, and can be made to fit any sized wall. It also means that there is minimal waste, so you're not paying for what you don’t need.

We recommend that the image have at least one pixel per millimeter of the print.
So for example:
If your wall is 350cm (3.5 m) x 240cm (2.4 m) ideally the image size would need to be 3500 pixels x 2400 pixels

We are able to manufacture your bespoke wallpaper from any image file format such as JPG, TIF, EPS or PDF.
Simply upload your image in the highest quality and best resolution available and we’ll do the rest!

Our expert image editors are always here to help with any changes you’d like to make to your image to create the perfect custom finish.

  • Change the sizes and dimensions of most images for a perfect fit.
  • Enhance or reduce colours or turn it Black & White.
  • Remove any unwanted objects that spoil your image.
  • Add text, people, animals buildings or objects to create your very own unique mural.

For your free help and advice simply click Need Help here.

Upload your image and describe the changes required and one of our help team will get to you within 24 hours.

This also applies to any of our images that you may like to customise for your project. Simply enter the image number and describe the changes you’d like.

Creating your own personalised wallpaper is great fun and what’s more doesn’t cost anymore than using one of our stock image murals.
If you would like to know the cost of your bespoke mural simply upload your image, or select one of ours, enter your sizes and select your preferred material and the price will be displayed instantly!


Each type of mural is packaged differently to ensure it’s protected in transit.

U.K mail as this service provides live text message tracking.

Depending on what delivery option you select at checkout. We offer next day delivery if order is placed before 1pm.

Yes. We ship worldwide.

Purchasing Your Mural

We will send text messages and emails informing you of the status.

  1. Debit/Credit card via the website
  2. PayPal via website
  3. Over the phone by card
  4. PayPal payment request
  5. Backs payment via profoma invoice

Yes. You contact us with your company details and we can set you up with an account.

A voucher code can be applied at checkout. There is a box where you can apply your voucher code.


Measure the exact height and width and we will then automatically add a further 20mm to the height and width to allow a little bit of play.
It’s always better to have excess material to cut of than not enough.

Share our page on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and we will include paste for free.
Alternatively we recommend Solvite extra strong paste.

All 3 products come with simple hanging instructions. For Pre pasted we have made a video showing how simple it is. SEE OUR VIDEO

Standard and pre-pasted wall murals just require some water and to peel back. Premium wall murals can be peeled back from the corner.

(Bathroom, swimming pools etc) Yes, we recommend premium wall murals for wet room areas.

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