Design Your Dream Nursery with Full Image Wallpaper Murals

Design your dream nursery with wallpaper murals

nursery wallpaper mural art

Is your baby on the way? Are you keen to design a stylish modern nursery that works in with the rest of your home?

Having a baby is a very exciting time in your life. As a parent, you have expansive expectations of all the important milestones that your child will experience as they grow older. Their first decipherable words will fill you with joy, and that is closely followed by their rapid capabilities to convert a crawl into standing without your help, and then their very first walk. Within a blink of the eye, the milestones are piling up as they start their first day at school, through to graduating at university and then marrying the love of their life. And while yourwraapped up with all the preparing, planning, or even worrying about their ‘first-time’ in everything they do, its easy to forgot about enjoying the moment, particularly all the early moments.

So, today we’re focusing on the nursery. It’s where you and your new baby will be spending many hours together through the day, and yes, through the night.

Inspiration for designing your nursery

nursery mural wallpaper art
Choosing nursery colours

Whether you’re a digital whizz or digital dinosaur, when you embark on designing your new baby’s nursery you need some inspiration to create the nursery of your dreams. Mood or inspiration boards have been the foundation for any success interior design project for amateurs and professionals alike. Assembling boards of colour, texture and images cut out from magazines are the perfect grounds for inspiring you to create something perfect for you and your baby. These days it’s incredibly easy to assemble an inspiration board using one of our favourite social platforms, Pinterest. Simply set up your own board and start pinning your ideas for the baby room.

After you have assemble a collection of inspirational items, you will start to see the type of style develop of what you really like. Do you like natural or brightly coloured cots and dressing tables for example? What is your preference for colour? Obviously the gender of your baby will have a big influence on colour and texture choices. Maybe you’re honing in on a neutral styles so that the nursery can work with the style of the rest of your home. Whatever you decide, be bold, be creative and have fun.

Nursery mural wallpaper

One of the most enjoyable things about designing beautiful nursery spaces, is keeping your eyes permanently peeled for inspiring nursery room trends and baby room decor. Along with the enjoyment of creating something really special, we know how important this is for parents like yourself to get inspiration AND easy solutions to fulfil your interior design vision.

One of the fastest growing trends for 2021, is creating nursery spaces with a bold feature wall which transforms the entire room. The days of little decals dotted around each wall or insipid wallpaper are numbered. A full image feature wall mural can create a focal point to the room, it can pull together all your furniture and decor styles and transform the room into a stimulating environment for you and your baby.

Our nursery wall murals feature beautiful designs of dreamy scenes; colourful shapes and styles, and favourite animals and illustrations which can bring personality and characters to the nursery. Wall murals or wallpaper murals as they are sometimes known as, are easy to install and maintain, and will provide many years of enjoyment.

Below are some of our favourite wall murals from the Nursery Wallpaper Collection.

nursery wall mural
Leafy boat fairy wallpaper mural
nursery wallpaper mural
Cute animal early learning wallpaper mural
nursery mural wallpaper
Beautiful fairyland wallpaper mural
nursery wallpaper mural art
Fairytale unicorn nursery wallpaper mural
nursery wall mural art
Lovely elephant patterned nursery wallpaper mural

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