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Cartoon World Map Wallpaper Mural

Decorating your child’s room can be somewhat of a headache.  When you first discover you’re expecting, thoughts can quickly turn to the idyllic, Insta perfect room; however, you quickly realise the impracticalities of it all.  Do you want to go gender neutral or gender specific?  What if your perfect baby girl isn’t actually remotely interested in pinks and pastel shades, but is instead obsessed with more traditionally masculine vibes?

Equally, that Disney style mural you’ve painstakingly painted using stencils and masking tape may have seemed ideal for a three month old, but your rambunctious dinosaur loving two year old is far from impressed.  The thought of changing it all over again after such a short period of time can be soul destroying.

Which is where we come in.  Here are some top tips when it comes to decorating your child’s room.

Map of the world mural
Children’s Map of the World Mural – read more

Keep it simple

Choosing to use a simple and neutral colour palette in your child’s room helps to ensure longevity.  Opting for cream, beige, light browns and greys is a great way to keep the main colour of the room the same, no matter how old your child gets.  These base colours work with everything and anything!

This way, the walls and woodwork can stay the same, but you can switch the look up by using different accessories. A light grey room can be spruced up with pastel shaded bedding for a new born, followed by specific themed bold colours as they got older.  Changing the curtains, blinds or lamp shades can also help create a whole new look at the fraction of the cost (and time) of a whole room redecoration.

Colourful map wallpaper mural
Colourful World Map Wallpaper Mural – read more

Keep it entertaining

Children love to be entertained, and there are various ways to keep a child occupied with their bedroom.  You may fill it with toys, crafting supplies, jigsaw puzzles and books – all of which are fantastic, but require space and far more tidying up than any sane parent can tolerate.  There’s only so many times you can stand on a Lego at 1am.

A great way to bring some entertainment into your child’s bedroom space is by adding a wall mural.  Specifically designed wallpaper such as a map of the world showing landmarks and indigenous animals is a great addition to any room. Not only are such map wall murals fun to look at, with their bright colours and cute cartoon animals, but they can aid with creative learning.

Imagine sitting in your child’s room at bedtime, and pointing to the picture of a koala – then challenging each other to create a story about it.  Or, use the map as a talking point to discover new adventures.  There are lots of different styles available to suit your décor needs.

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