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Bring the outside in this Spring

Signs of Spring are everywhere, from Daffodils on grass verges to bluebells in the woods.  As the weather, for the most part at least, seems to be turning warmer, and we’re getting significantly more sunshine poking through those clouds, it’s hard not to feel at least a little more positive.

Much research has been done over the years on the impact of nature on our mental health.  There’s a good reason you often feel better after a walk, and it’s not just down to the endorphins released from physical exercise.  Fresh air and taking a moment to enjoy the sights and sounds that the great outdoors doors have to offer has a fantastic calming effect and reminds us there is so much more out there, outside of our day-to-day stresses and worries. However, getting out and about isn’t always easy.  Time may be limited; the weather may turn against us. As a result, we all experience moments where bringing the outdoors indoors seems far easier.  Thankfully, it is simple.  Here are our top tips on how to turn your home into a nature oasis, from wallpaper murals to a spring cleaning, no matter where you live or how much space you have.

#1 Fresh flowers and house plants

One of the quickest ways to fil your home with nature is to invest in some flowers or house plants.  Whether you want a beautiful, bright bouquet for your dining table, or a myriad of ferns and vines to soak up moisture in your bathroom, there is a plant for you.

If you’re the type of person who can kill a plant at 30 paces – there are still lots of options that might suit you, such as succulents who can tolerate some degree of drought. You could of course, simply opt for fake plants, many of which look realistic and only require a light dusting every couple of weeks or so.

Sunny Spring Wallpaper – read more

#2 Create a statement wall

Decorating styles, and technology have come a long way, and these days there are so many options when it comes to how to really make a statement in your home.  You can purchase amazing floral wallpapers that can really bring a room to life. If you wanted to make a bold statement, then why not consider turning one side of your room over to a full wall mural?  Rather than relying on a painter to create your perfect image, these days you can get the wallpaper mural of your dreams, at the click of a button, covering everything from tranquil forests to the Giant’s Causeway and tropical beaches.

Spring Flowers Wall Mural – read more

#3 Make the most of the light

As the days are starting to get longer, there is more daylight available to us.  It makes sense to try and make the most of that for as long as possible.  Make sure your windows are clean, and if they are dominated by heavy curtains, find a way to tie them back, making the window space as large as possible. If you have opted for a room changing flower wallpaper mural, then natural light is the best way to show off this amazing feature.

Spring Apple Blossom Forest Wallpaper Mural – read more

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