Bring Your Favourite City into Your Home - City Wall Mural

Bring a Favourite City into Your Home – City Wall Murals

paris city wall mural for urban living

In modern life, many people derive inner satisfaction from the hustle and bustle and creative energy offered by cities. If we’re all in search of a life with less stress, why is it that so many of us choose to live somewhere considered, well, stressful? Furthermore, the romanticism of city life and the appeal of architecture has lead to the demand of experiencing a favourite city or iconic structure in our own homes with a wall mural.

Why we can’t help falling in love with cities

A city buzzes and thrives with energy, wherever you look. City life entails public transport that gets you almost anywhere, a diversity of culture, endless dining and entertainment options, and highly cosmopolitan populations. By day, tourists swarm to enjoy the sights and sounds, workers energise buildings, streets and courtyards, and the hum of busy traffic fills the connecting roads, rail and waterway networks. At night things change when the sun sets. The avenues throb with far more activity. People are out and about, standing, talking and joking in front of the building, on street corners and enjoying the theatres, restaurants, and squares where citizens congregate. While some people decry the razzmatazz of city life as loud and raucous, filled with police sirens, fire engines, and honking taxi cabs, other will find peace of mind there. They develop an ability to tune things out, and for those people, city life is relaxing.

City life and city living are a far cry from country living. Nature and the natural world can be an antidote to all of life’s hustle, bustle and difficulties. In the 20th century, cities offered opportunity and a place to earn money, and when it all got too much, those that could escape to a life in the country, did it with earnest. County living became an aspiration for a more peaceful and fresher lifestyle and offered a sanctum to calm the mind and body.

But reaction to urban life endures waves and cycles. In the 21st century, investment in city centres, restoration and rejuvenation of tired historical quarters has brought back safer, exciting and trendy city-living which more and more people are falling in love with. Even those people living outside of cities a craving a regular reminder of its beauty, drama and excitement.

City wall murals for modern urban living

Whether you live in a trendy city apartment enjoying modern industrial decor, or are out-of-town and want to bring your favourite city closer to home, you can embrace urban living with a feature wall mural. Images of city-scapes, skylines, and iconic city scenes can become the showpiece or even show-stopper in your home. Full image feature wall murals of your favourite city can bring you closer than ever to the city you love. Regardless of where you live, take a look at a sample of stunning city wall mural collections and enjoy bringing urban living into your home…

New York Wall Murals

New York is a location that everyone seems to have on their “to-visit” list. There’s a good reason. The culture in New York is different to anywhere else on Earth. You can find pretty much every store you can imagine on any street, buskers play music everywhere and the concrete jungle is just something else compared to anything else you’ll see. We have everything from the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, New York city-scapes and much more that you will be sure to enjoy the moment you install one of these amazing wall murals on your wall.

New York Wall Mural

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London Wall Murals

London is always active, no matter which hour of the day you look at it – London never sleeps. That’s why we’ve got a large collection of wallpaper murals that show off London in both the day time and night time, showcasing the main attractions, iconic buildings and impressive skyline.

London wall mural

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Paris Wall Murals

Want to wake up in Paris in all its glory? With a Paris wall mural you can bring the world’s most romantic city to your home. These amazing Paris collection wall murals feature some of Paris’ most iconic sights including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre.

Paris wall murals

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