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Welcome to Marmalade Art. Where stunning custom made wall art meets the world of inspirational interior design.
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Welcome to Marmalade Art, the home of individuality and style. Here, stunning custom-made artwork meets the elegance of considered interior design to bring you a high-quality product that will change the way you see décor.


Using only the highest quality materials and the very best in digital technology, we create stunning and inspiring wallpaper murals for modern and unique interiors. Murals make a great and exciting alternative to traditional painted methods, proposing a fresh approach to interior design. Introduce an element of realism with fantastically produced and planned mural artwork which will brighten the home and make a statement about your individuality.


Interior design affects not only the energy of the room but also that of the people inhabiting it. Find the vibes that reflect your personal aura and approach to life with our numerous and varied mural categories, and make both your family and guests feel calm, welcome, and comfortable in your home.


Many modern townhouses and city apartments favour monochromatic or geometric designs to complement the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Cityscape murals complement the urban atmosphere and contemporary fashions, whilst warm neutral tones are a key principle to Modernist design. These murals are often accompanied by bright lighting and bold furnishings, making the finishing touch to a modernist-styled space. Other fashionable designs popular in these metropolitan penthouses is Popart and abstract features. Made popular in 60’s New York by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, these murals draw on vivid colours to make a bold statement about inter-city life, and make an eye-catching characteristic to a living space.


Why not bring the tranquillity of the outdoors inside?

Whether you are a city-dweller living in the concrete jungle or are a country person at heart, now you can welcome elements of the natural environment into your everyday living with our nature-inspired murals. Biophilic design is proven to support cognitive function, physical health and psychological wellbeing. Nature-based mural artwork Incorporates elements of nature into your home, from mystical forest floors and overgrown greenery to bright botanical and floral scenes.


Drawn upon fresh Scandinavian design with sleek furnishings and interiors. Add clean lines and neutral tones, set to a backdrop of calming beach scenes. This ever-on-trend fashion makes interior design look effortlessly chic, yet still cosy. With an emphasis on natural and organic materials, you can achieve the Scandanavian look with our woodland and winter landscapes.


Get your creativity flowing.

Set an intention by adorning the walls of your creative practice. Whether you are decorating your office space and are aiming to increase productivity and inspiration, or are simply looking to illuminate your personal space, mural artwork is a perfect cost-effective budget option that gets fantastic results. Make the most of the wide empty canvass of your surrounding space. The building you occupy has the potential to become its own canvass, rather than just a shell of a building. Murals can fit seamlessly into your wider décor, with textured mural options such as brick or marble.


Whether you live in a cottage situated in a rural area, or simply want to attain the look and atmosphere in your townhouse, your décor may need to include principles of rustic or traditional design. This style incorporates a rugged and ‘shabby-chic’ that celebrates natural beauty and a return to simpler times. Our panelling murals are an excellent way of adding the appearance of wooden features without the cost and stress.


Express yourself and let your individuality shine with unique and distinctive designs, colours and patterns.


Mural wallpaper provides an excellent opportunity to express your creativity, say something about what you love, and make your home an extension of who you are. Much like how we step out in a fashion that reflects our mood or sense of style, so too can you make the space around you mirror your own approach to life. Amaze your guests with mural designs that range from quirky to eccentric, from classic vintage styling to funky 60’s retro-era murals. Create your very own memorable centrepiece with a show-stopper of a statement wall that will be the topic of conversation and admiration amongst your peers.


What better way for sports fans to express their love of athleticism and boast of their dedication than with a customised mural?


Feel the roar of a live match from your bedroom with ultra high-definition murals of famous stadiums, perfect for either a games room or bedroom. Fans of other sports will not be disappointed, with our excellent range of basketball, cycling and Formula 1 artwork available. Draw on the inspiration of the rush of a peloton, or even catch a riptide in the bluest ocean with energetic and athletic murals that make fantastic gym room decoration.


Feel inspired and let the energy feed into your own workout with motivational quotes that cheer you on and keep you going! Even motor enthusiasts can revel in the greatness of their sport with a snapshot of racing through city lights or on the track built for breakneck excitement. Meanwhile, spiritual designs can bring some zen energy into your yoga room. The possibilities are endless.


You’ve probably spent months designing your nursery, selecting the perfect touches so that when your little one arrives they will be welcomed into the perfect loving home.


Our children’s designs make a bright and cosy addition to any nursery or children’s bedroom, and are suitable for all ages. Children are especially responsive to colour, with certain hues affecting a baby’s mood, sleep pattern, and development. From friendly cartoon animals and jungle scenes to calming fantasy realms, unicorns and starry skies, there is a huge selection of adorable and vivid designs to select from to create a cosy environment ideal for settling down at bedtime. Make all their dreams come true by creating that truly special atmosphere when it comes to telling bedtime stories, or snuggling up and feeling safe in the dark.


Get in touch today to create your very own unique and custom-made wallpaper mural for your home or workspace!

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